Signalling Lights

With optional filling level sensor and WIFI

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Signalling Lights

Automatically monitored product quality

The dream of every quality manager has come true: on the basis of pressure, temperature, vacuum and drive load, the vacuum filling machine monitors the situation in the feed system and reports potential causes of impaired quality in good time via the control system and the optionally available signalling lights. Traffic light colours indicate:
Green: Everything is alright!
Yellow: Warning! Possible cause: Hopper is almost empty.
Red: Machine is stopped! Possible cause: Hopper is empty, water separator filled up.
The risk of expensive rejects is therefore significantly reduced.

Automation options for more efficient feeding

With industrial production, the hopper i soften loaded more than a hundred times per shift. What could be more beneficial than saving time in this context and therefore improving productivity? Two new features of the VF 800 series make this possible:

  • A filling level sensor integrated into the signaling column detects when there is room for another batch in the hopper. The meat trolley in waiting position is then automatically tipped into the hopper without the operator having to intervene.
  • The quick-lowering mechanism of the 496 arm lifting device saves even more time. When the “down” button is pressed, the arm lowers at four times the speed.

Optional integrated WLAN transmitter

A WLAN transmitter can be integrated in signalling column and allows the Vacuum Filler to connect wirelessly to the HCU network or the mobile operating unit. The latter displays important information and directions and also allows to set machine parameters from a distant position. The 7-inch screen in tablet form can, for example, be installed at the end of the AL system length unit and it is then powered via the machine. As an option, the mobile operating unit can also be positioned flexibly at other locations, for example on downstream units such as packaging machines or conveyor belts.

Product Infeed

A powerful vacuum sstem in conjunction with active feeding

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Product Infeed

Reliable and gentle feeding as standard

The starting point for accurate weight portioning is transportation to the feed system. Only if the cells of the vane cell feed system are filled completely can accurate weights be attained. The performance and robustness of the intelligent vacuum system have been enhanced and, in conjunction with the optimised intake geometry of the feed system, they guarantee reliable and gentle feeding, even with highly viscous and firm products. In order to achieve this, the inflow hopper has also been optimised in terms of flow and the shape of the auger has been enhanced. As an option, it is not only possible to adjust the level of the vacuum within the 50-100 % range but also within the 0-50 % range, which ensures perfect product appearance when processing aerated and sensitive products.

Separately driven auger prevents the product from separating

With fluid products with chunky components, such as soups and stews, the challenge faced is to prevent the various ingredients from separating out. With the optionally integrated additional drive for the auger, the Vacuum Filler becomes a mixer: the mixing speed can be set and saved in the product memory independently of the portioning speed. This opens up a new range of applications for your VF 800 machine.

Vane Cell Feed System

For maximum portioning accuracy and gentle product treatment

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Vane Cell Feed System

Perfected, adjustable feed system

The central component of the Handtmann vacuum filling technology has not only been reworked for the new machine series, but extensively changed and optimised. The new geometry of the vane cell feed system not only ensures extremely gentle feeding but also, above all, a leakage-free product flow without backflow. The Handtmann-patented weight compensation has been optimised in response to feedback and plays a significant part in weight improvements. The materials were chosen in line with high wear resistance standards, therefore the portioning accuracy remains stable for a long period of time. Top-quality material combinations which ensure low wear are used. Expensive components, such as the pump housing and the rotor, are specially tempered and wear significantly more slowly, thus lower maintenance costs are incurred during the life cycle of the machine. Naturally, the VF 800 feed system is adjustable, resulting in a considerably longer feed system component service life in comparison to other feed system principles. The patented Handtmann vacuum slider ensures a high degree of functional reliability and air-free filling of semi-viscous products without leakage into the water separator. The VF 800 vacuum filling machines are equipped with a cleaning programme for the feed system as standard. This facilitates effective pre-cleaning with warm water up to 90 °C, without any damage to the machine.

Inline Grinder
  • 45% higher drive power
  • 110% higher torque for higher filling capacity even at lower temperatures

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Inline Grinder

New GD 451 inline grinding system and GD 452 minced meat attachment

The Handtmann inline grinding system has become indispensable for many minced meat and dry sausage product processes. Therefore, great importance was placed on the demands on the grinding technology during the development of the VF 800 machines. The newly-developed GD 451 inline grinding system was completely redesigned. A powerful servo drive with 45 % higher performance and 110 % higher speed guarantees top filling capacities even at low temperatures. Due to the separate drive, the ratio between the portioning speed and the cutting speed can be optimally adjusted in line with the various different products. Both parameters are stored in the product memory and thus ensure a high degree of process reliability and a constantly high product quality. For optimum product results cutting sets must be replaced and sharpened regularly. With its defined tightening torque, the Handtmann torque wrench ensures that the cutting set is ideally mounted and therefore lasts longer. The construction of the GD 451 inline grinding system has also be completely redesigned and the outcome is impressive: the maintenance interval has doubled, despite a 45 % improvement in performance.

Monitor Control
  • 28 languages
  • Intelligent assistant functions
  • Automatically monitored product quality

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Monitor Control

The VF 800 controls and synchronises numerous auxiliary devices and automation solutions

With the monitor control system as the central control element, complex production processes are easy to control. VF 800 Vacuum Fillers from Handtmann are therefore superior central control components in complex system solutions and highly compatible basic modules in automated production processes. At key positions in the production process they provide:

  • Variability due to easy synchronisation with auxiliary machines, such as sausage production lines, inline grinding systems, forming machines and depositing systems
  • Effective interfaces with third-party auxiliary devices and additional equipment, such as clippers, metal detectors, conveyor belts, checkweighers etc.
  • Flexible integration of the VF 800 as a portioning and control module in automated lines, e.g. by incorporating product handling systems such as collating solutions, tray depositors and smoke stick transfer unit.

Smart partner with excellent social skills

What is the ideal colleague like? He should be reliable and easy to get along with, he should think for himself and be supportive and he should speak your language. The control system of the VF 800 vacuum filling machine speaks 28 languages, does a great deal of set-up work for the operator and also boasts intelligent assistants who successfully instruct even untrained operators.

Levelling assistant for easy and fast alignment

This Handtmann-patented feature makes aligning the machine as easy as ABC. An integrated position sensor records the exact position of the machine. The control system displays this graphically and gives advice on correct alignment: "Just unscrew the left, rear foot of the machine one more turn – perfect!“

The Machine Setup Assistant (MSA) makes setup easier

With the wide variety of different products, it is easy to lose track of the right equipment and settings. At times like this, the MSA helps to select the correct parts and to start up the machine so that it runs reliably.

Functions can be activated flexibly via HFM

The Handtmann Function Module (HFM) makes it possible: numerous software functions can be subsequently activated, easily and in line with requirements:

  • Fine-adjustment vacuum control from 0-100 %. This function is protected by patent and makes it possible to fill and portion even aerated and sensitive products under vacuum.
  • Pressure control for defined and consistent product feed, for example for feeding into auxiliary linking lines or forming machines.
  • Synchronised filling and portioning for automatic synchronisation with, for example, packaging machines or conveyor belts.
  • Synchronisation with Poly-clip clippers via a patented interface for higher effective capacity, easier operation and less wear.
  • Communication via WS Food interface.
Hopper Options

For diverse requirements

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Hopper Options

The suitable hopper solution – guaranteed

It is difficult to imagine how many functions are contained in the geometry and implementation of a hopper. Therefore, as an alternative to the standard single-piece hopper with a volume of 350 litres, the VF 800 vacuum filling machine also offers numerous different hopper versions that can also be combined with a mobile heating unit:

  • For a mixed production plan, it is advisable to use the split hopper with a volume of either 240 or 350 litres, of which 90 litres are taken up by the hopper lower part. The split hopper is based on a Handtmann patent and stands out due to fast and ergonomically improved handling in the event of product changes and cleaning.
  • For processing semi-viscous products, the 350-litre hopper with rectangular upper part offers advantages. On the one hand, air is prevented from being incorporated when product is poured into the hopper and, on the other hand, completely full containers can be tipped in reliably and hygienically.
  • A specially shaped hopper with a volume of up to 550 litres of firm product has been newly developed for larger buffers. 450 litres are available for semi-viscous products. The special feature of this hopper is that it can be loaded conveniently via the attached arm lifting device.

Optional hopper temperature control with mobile heating unit

As an option, all hopper versions can be kept at a constant temperature with the aid of a mobile heating unit. Heated water (up to 90 °C) is channelled through the double-wall hopper via a hose connection. A hot or warm product is therefore also kept at constant temperature during the filling and portioning process. The temperature is set on the Vacuum Filler's control system and is stored in the product memory. The temperatures can also be logged. The MH 465 mobile heating unit features two heating circuits, thus making it possible to connect several Vacuum Fillers – including in series. The closed water circuit, with integrated protection against excess pressure, overheating and running dry, facilitates extremely low water and energy consumption as well as very short heating times. Water replenishment, evacuation and pressure compensation are performed automatically, the hose couplings can be closed at both ends and have an anti-drip design in order to protect against scalding.

Hygienic Design
  • For easy cleaning and maximum food safety

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Hygienic Design

External surfaces of the machine are easy to clean

The new machine design is based on smooth external planes and fast water drainage due to angled or curved surfaces – e.g. on the machine frame, the hopper's swivel post and the arm lifting device. Small gap widths, short seal lengths and few edges ensure that there are no dirt traps.

Optimum vacuum slide cleaning reliability

The hygienic vacuum slide is permanently attached, the vacuum seal can be removed and the vacuum channel can be cleaned from the outside without the hopper having to be opened. When the swivel-type hopper housing is opened, the vacuum channel and the vacuum tube are fully visible and the channels are even lit.

Drive Unit

200% Increase in service life Stronger drive unit with heavy duty components

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Drive Unit

Premium level processing quality

Quality does not involve compromises. This is what Handtmann is known for. With the development and production of the VF 800 Vacuum Fillers, a new chapter has been opened up in terms of the level of quality: no-compromise premium quality down to the last detail. For example, the drive components have been designed for double the service life.

Mechanical switching accuracy and dynamic control of the servo drives

Handtmann servo technology ensures a powerful and also energyefficient system, comprising individually programmable software, high-end amplifiers and high-performance servo motors. The precise positioning of the drives results in first-class portioning accuracy. The dynamic and individual configuration of acceleration and deceleration makes it possible, for example, to adapt product ejection to sensitive products and sausage casings.


Improved performance on demand

The VF 800 is the first and only Vacuum Filler that grows with the customer’s requirements. The customer chooses a model that fits exactly to their capacity requirements. If they subsequently require greater filling capacity they can increase the capacity of the existing VF 800 "S" on demand. The unique and patented scalable machine concept ensures maximum adaptability and significant cost advantages compared with purchasing a new machine.

Lifting and Tipping Device 496
  • Anti-drip moulding prevents water from dripping into the hopper
  • Quick-lowering at four times the speed

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Lifting and Tipping Device 496

The lifting and tipping device AHV 496 is designed for heavy-duty use and all covers are made from stainless steel. A new and particularly useful feature: the hub of the basket can be adjusted to compensate for any unevenness in the floor surface of up to 1.5°!

Automation options for more efficient feeding

With industrial production, the hopper is often loaded more than a hundred times per shift. What could be more beneficial than saving time in this context and therefore improving productivity? Two new features of the VF 800 series make this possible:

  • A filling level sensor integrated into the signalling column detects when there is room for another batch in the hopper. The meat trolley in waiting position is then automatically tipped into the hopper without the operator having to intervene.
  • The quick-lowering mechanism of the 496 arm lifting device saves even more time. When the "down" button is pressed, the arm lowers at four times the speed.

Minimised contamination risk from water dripping from the underside of the meat trolley

Water dripping from the meat trolley is diverted by an anti-drip moulding affixed to the basket and it therefore does not drip into the hopper. A patented Handtmann solution for better food safety.

UVC Degermination

Kills airborne germs and spores reliably and effectively

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UVC Degermination

Patented UVC ambient air degermination

As an option, the air taken in to cool the machine is guided through an integrated degermination unit. This ensures that airborne germs, such as listeria as well as spores from ageing chambers, are killed reliably and effectively by UVC radiation – totally automatically and "incidentally".


Safety switch is only triggered when stepped on; therefore it can stay folded down while machine is running

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Help for the operator due to improved step

The step's safety switch is only triggered when the operator climbs onto the step. Therefore it can stay folded down while the machine is running. Constantly having to fold the step up and down is a thing of the past. Back protection and increased efficiency – patented by Handtmann.

Water Separator

Cleaning quality can be controlled more effectively

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Water Separator

Cleaning quality can be controlled more effectively

The optimised shape, lower penetration depth and the larger diameter of the water separator make the machine easier to see into and access for cleaning work. The additional lighting ensures that the cleaning results can be checked more easily. A sensor detects possible product accumulation and stops the machine before the vacuum pump is damaged.

100% Connectivity
  • Connection of a multitude of auxiliary devices
  • Integration into automated production lines

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100% Connectivity

Compatible with many auxiliary devices and machines

The extensive range of Handtmann auxiliary devices facilitates a virtually endless diversity of traditional and modern products. Third-party devices, such as clippers, metal detectors, packaging machines and conveyor belts can also be connected to the Vacuum Filler via suitable sockets. Connectivity at its best. By the way, your new VF 800 Vacuum Filler is also compatible with most of your existing Handtmann auxiliary machines.

Optionally integrated pneumatics

A very practical feature is the optionally integrated pneumatic control unit. It actuates the automatic opening of the holding device or the 85-3 depositing head and makes redundant the external pneumatics unit and thus is more hygienic.


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